How we prepare a delicious big country breakfast? | Blue Ridge Inn Bed & Breakfast How we prepare a delicious big country breakfast? | Blue Ridge Inn Bed & Breakfast

When life gets too busy, a weekend trip to Blue Ridge is all you need. You don’t have to always plan an escape to exotic locales, sometimes it’s best to blend in with nature and enjoy the little things. between work, raising a family, cooking, and cleaning, you will need to find some time out for yourself. So, get ready to leave behind all your stress and go on a getaway to relax and unwind.

From being served a home-cooked scrumptious country breakfast to just relaxing on the patio with your favorite read, everything sounds enticing. While staying at the Blue Ridge Inn, you kickstart your mornings right with a rich scent of ground coffee beans. When on holiday, there’s nothing better than the first strong sip of a perfectly brewed coffee. Savor every sip of the well-crafted brew and prepare yourself to enjoy a delicious big country breakfast next.

Breakfast at Blue Ridge Inn is an unbeatable experience. Before you venture out to experience the best of nature and splendid landscapes, we indulge you with an extensive country breakfast during your stay with us. We like to keep our meals fresh, full of energy, and healthy. We love spoiling our guests with a delectable plated breakfast, where you can simply sit back and relish.

You will be seated with all of our esteemed guests in our dining room. We have created a casual setting to ensure you have opportunities to meet and greet other guests. Make new friends for life and bond over breakfast.

What’s cooking? 

Warm, personalized service, comfortable stay, and our country breakfast are the most loved by guests. During your stay at the Blue Ridge Inn, you get to wake up to a gourmet Southern breakfast, a hearty morning meal. This two-course food experience starts with a delectable fruit cup and homemade fruit muffin. Depending on the seasonality, we custom create a cup of fresh fruits that are sourced from Mercier Orchards and local produce vendors. Our moist and tender muffins with bursting fruit flavor need special mention. We don’t think you can resist a warm homemade muffin that is a total fruit explosion.

The second course is the main entree which includes a wide variety of savory and side dishes. Start your second course with some of the Southern classics like hash brown sausage casserole, bacon and eggs, biscuits and gravy, French toast brioche, fluffy pancakes or quiche. Indulge in every bite and take pleasure in every dish served to your table. Juices, hot coffee, tea, and water are always on the table too. We are open to accommodate most dietary restrictions or food allergies; all you have to do is mention it to us. We’ll put together a plated breakfast that you can relish without compromising on your health.

After a deliciously satisfying breakfast, you are all set to take on a new adventure.