How do we help make your special day, extra special with our services? | Blue Ridge Inn Bed & Breakfast How do we help make your special day, extra special with our services? | Blue Ridge Inn Bed & Breakfast

Whether you are planning a getaway with your loved one to celebrate your anniversary or your birthday, Blue Ridge Inn should be on your list of top destinations. We help make your special day an extra special one. A fancy dinner and celebratory hotel stays have become a common choice. Therefore, Impress your loved one with something extra special this time. Plan a romantic getaway and enjoy the special moments at the Blue Ridge Inn Bed and Breakfast.

Blue Ridge is one of the most romantic and classic destinations. Blend in with Mother Nature, enjoy the breathtaking vistas or simply relax and rejuvenate at the Inn itself. Sometimes, the best gift is to escape the monotony of your daily routine of doing something fun.

Your celebration starts the minute you ring our doorbell. Our team is ready to welcome and get you checked in. Soon after, you are taken on a tour of our premises, as we showcase all of our amenities and services. At the Blue Ridge Inn, we provide all our guests with personalized attention and an opportunity to sit back and relax while we take care of you. It’s not just another bed and breakfast, it’s an extra special place. Engage in conversations with guests who have similar interests as you or make memories that last a lifetime and explore the destination to its best.

If you are a foodie, you’ll find our plated country breakfasts delectable too. In the South, entertaining and serving delicious food go hand in hand as a part of our Southern hospitality. We take pride in our home-cooked two-course meal, which is undoubtedly one of the best ways to start your stay right. Waking up to a scrumptious breakfast and being surrounded by an amazing group of people, adds a charm to your Bed and Breakfast experience.  It’s amazing to see how strangers bond with each other and leave as life-long friends.

This Victorian-era home was built by Sylvester Long in 1890. Look around and you’ll see the fine craftsmanship of those days standing strong even now. The building was then bought by James Kincaid in 1909 before being sold to Milton Darden in 1996. The journey of bed and breakfast started in 1996 until 2012. As the Inn stands today, it was purchased by Jon and Gene, who transformed the space into one of the go-to places for the best of Southern hospitality. There’s no doubt that you’ll fall in love with this charming and renewed rooms of this historic home.  It’s what makes the Inn so special.

There’s no better gift than a little surprise. Book one of our special packages and we’ll help you put together an extravagant reveal. From flowers to chocolates, or speciality cakes we know how to make your day an extra special one. Our spa packages in conjunction with TeaTree Boutique Spa are relaxing and soothing. Set the right tone for your casual and fun celebrations at the Blue Ridge Inn. If you are planning to venture out and explore the town up close, don’t forget to ask us for recommendations.

Pamper yourself and enjoy the spectacular natural surroundings. Break the humdrum of your routine and celebrate life. There’s no doubt that our experiential stay can’t be replicated elsewhere. In conclusion, for your anniversary, birthday or event, make it special, celebrate it at the Blue Ridge Inn Bed and Breakfast.