Porch & Parlor at the Blue Ridge Inn.
A cabinet of curiosities. A curated collection.
(aka: our gift shop)

Every so often a guest will ask if they can purchase a piece of furniture from the inn, or a piece of art off the wall. And our answer has been, sadly, no.


But thinking more about it, we decided why not? Why not expand our existing gift items (mugs, t-shirts, hats) into a carefully selected “cabinet of curiosities”, as we’re calling it. Unique vintage and antique items (and a few new things, as well) that speak to the interesting history of the inn.


Vintage bar ware, silver platters, wonderful chairs, interesting books, ceramic animals, framed Victorian postcards and portraits, botanical prints, old maps and globes, brass candlesticks and lamps, busts and sculptures, vintage and modern cameras, antlers and taxidermy… Our feeling is that if it could have existed during the time that these walls have been standing, then it can be included. So Victorian, Edwardian, the Roaring 20’s, the years between the wars, World War II, Mid-century Modern, 60’s, 70’s even 80’s… all of these eras are represented in our selections.


These are considered gifts for you to give, or meaningful objects for your home. Handpicked in Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina (mostly), these pieces evoke a nostalgia for an era you may not have actually lived through, but speak to you nevertheless.


We promise that any of these placemakers will bring interest to a shelf, coffee table or mantle in your home. And they come complete with a story to tell: I was spending a weekend at a cozy mountain inn…


Welcoming the well-traveled, fun-loving, bon vivants, raconteurs, connoisseurs, scoundrels and aficionados of history, art, drinking, traveling and a great story: Porch & Parlor.

The photos above represent a sample selection of the items we offer and may or may not be available since each find is unique.

The photos below show our new and branded items. These can be shipped to you, just give us a call to order.